Our Mission

The California Association of Educational Office Professionals is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing professional growth and training programs for non-certificated personnel and encourages its members to grow professionally to better understand their role in serving public and educational institutions.

What We've Achieved

CAEOP impacts not only our educational office professionals, but we help our surrounding communities with various charitable donations. 

  • Provided yearly student scholarship(s) valued at $500 & $1,000.
  • Donated to several charitable organizations.
  • Provided re-entry scholarships to CAEOP members.
  • Recognition of Administrator of the Year
  • Recognition of Office Professional of the Year.
  • Provided Connie Wilson Community Service Award yearly.


The Lamp of Learning" logo for CAEOP represents the enlightenment of C education, literally bring light into the darkness of ignorance and 2 illiteracy. The lamp is an ancient symbol, but has always been one of dignity, history and relevancy. It has appeared in many arenas. Just to name a few: the logo of the University of California, the logo of the California State Department of Education, the symbol of the California Association of County Superintendents, and the flag of learning and liberty of the National School Public Relations Association. The lamp is CAEOP fitting and appropriate symbol for the California Association of Educational Office Professionals as it reflects the professional association Established 1950 which it represents. We are an association which helps mold the future of California and its students.